AC Tristar

Pidoy & Ting Pacis
Toronto, Canada

Nine years ago we were newly landed immigrants; then we met James and Jael Tanti with Saladmaster and our lives have never been the same. Today Ting and I share a business, personal and spiritual life that is very balanced and a lifestyle that is beyond our wildest imaginings. We particularly relish the position we have attained because it allows us to present so many opportunities to others so that they can realize their own dreams.

We have won fabulous awards, we own a lovely home and beautiful possessions, and our children have been able to attend the finest schools. But sharing the wealth and giving back to those less fortunate is what has propelled us forward. Saladmaster is a business that changes lives and what we consider our most important focus is leaving a legacy that continues to change lives. Our success has enabled us to elevate the lifestyles of many people not only here but in our native country. We are proud to have funded, with the generous support of Saladmaster Dealers and Corporate, our GK777 Housing Project and numerous scholarship programs.

Together we arrived on the Vancouver shore and once we were introduced to Saladmaster we have never looked back. We are blessed with wonderful mentors and we feel it is our privilege to mentor others. It is with great pride that we continue to build our legacy, helping both those in our homeland and those in the land we have chosen.