Happy Cooking Co.

Saladmaster Success Story
James & Jael Tanti
Fullerton, California

‘We Change Lives, Make a Difference and Have Fun’ - this is our mission statement and it has led us to a lifestyle that is fulfilling at every level! We started with a vision of having a successful business and a decade later we are fulfilling that dream.

With desire, discipline, and determination you can create your destiny. This is a simple business - all you have to do is plug into a system and do it with all your heart and you’ll never have to work another day in your life. Our business has enabled us to give our children the lifestyle and education they deserve as well as give us the ability to contribute to others. We enjoy luxury vacations, exotic cars, pristine real estate and the finer things in life but success to us is defined as the people we’ve become, the relationships we’ve cultivated, and the lives we’ve changed.

We joined Saladmaster because we love the product; we’ve stayed in Saladmaster because we love the people, especially the people whom we’ve trained and mentored to become thriving business professionals. We are experiencing great success with the company and our business continues to grow throughout the U.S. and around the world.  We are excited to embrace the next decade and we will continue on our journey of changing lives, making a difference and having fun - one dinner at a time!