Quality Health Systems

Tracy & Tiana Klimczak
Mesa, Arizona

We have three important passions in life: to help change lives; to spend time with family and friends; and to play golf. With Saladmaster we were given a roadmap on how to be successful and to live out a life filled with our passions. We were shown a step-by-step business model that has not only led to success in the business arena but has also allowed us the time to live life to the fullest.

Having both the time and the financial freedom to live our passions is something for which we are very grateful. We have a close relationship with our family and it’s a thrill to entertain in our new home that is on a golf course and to have the opportunity to spend real quality time together. Now that we’re working with Saladmaster, we are so appreciative that we have the means to afford many luxuries, but you can’t put a price on the ability to play a round of golf with your 83 year old father!

We were first attracted to the Saladmaster business because it was a career in which the two of us could work together. We’ve opened our own office which expands our opportunities to change lives and where we continue to work together to create the lifestyle of our dreams – one that has enabled us to live a life filled with all of our passions.