Saladmaster Customer Testimonial: Albina's Story

Wed, 03/12/2014 - 9:03am -- Saladmaster

From Albina D., Saladmaster owner of 55 years

My Saladmaster pans have served my family so well - it's been wonderful. When I was a young nurse I was engaged and saw a home demonstration. I really took a fancy to these Saladmaster pans, even though at the time it was quite a bit of money; but I was impressed and I knew it was a good investment and I was right.

My kids are amazed that they have gone through many sets of cookware and I still have this same set.

Saladmaster has been such good pans: they are stainless steel; they have the vent for letting out steam; and most importantly they have been so reliable. Even after this many years they still cook great and still look good.

I have found out over the years how good stainless steel is. The information I've heard talked about how stainless steel was good for you: it was lasting, and very reliable, and I have found all of this to be so.

The food I cook in my pans always tastes good. Our favorite recipes are stews; I've made many, many stews and the biggest pot is perfect for that. I serve them with dumplings and there is lots and lots of room for dumplings to rise.

My daughter heard about the oldest cookware contest and phoned me to say, "You have to enter this contest." She took photos and we all got so excited about it. It's been very exciting.

I've used my Saladmaster to cook for 55 years, first for my family of 7 and now for my 11 grandchildren; the oldest is 21 and the youngest is 2 so I have a lot of cooking left to do.

Thank you for your kind words, Albina. We hope your grandchildren continue to enjoy your Saladmaster stews and dumplings!