Saladmaster Customer Testimonial: Dr. Purisimo & Lydia's Story

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 3:26pm -- Saladmaster

From Dr. Purisimo & Lydia L., Saladmaster owners of 42 years

At the time we didn't even know about Saladmaster because we had just moved to the United States from the Philippines. Then my brother-in-law, Florante, who was living in Hawaii and selling Saladmaster, talked to me about it. I told him "I can't afford it", but I learned that I could pay on a monthly basis so I bought the whole set. It was a very interesting thing about our intuition - in Philippines we had very simple cookware and didn't know we could purchase something of this very high quality. But even though I was at the beginning of my career in the U.S. we knew we should buy this. And it was so easy because of paying by the month - we have always been very happy with our decision!

Our pans have lasted a long, long time and after 42 years they look and cook as good as new.

And when we visited Florante while he lived in Hawaii and was still working with Saladmaster we were so impressed with his Honolulu office space that was three floors high. Saladmaster was one of the things that enabled him to later retire and return to the Philippines.

Some people ask us, "Why does your food taste so good?" and we know the flavor of the food comes from being cooked in Saladmaster; it is so good and it really seals in the flavor. And we know it's healthier because we can cook without oil and water. From the smallest pot to the biggest pot it cooks great.

I do have to admit that it is my wife Lydia who does most of the cooking and I just do the eating, but I know she is very excited about, and loves cooking in, these pans and I certainly love the eating. But even when I'm cooking something on occasion I love the clicker, that's how I know the food is done - it goes click, click, click - so easy.

Recently a good friend, Kaey, who is a Saladmaster person, invited Lydia and I to a dinner program she was conducting. We didn't realize it was Saladmaster and during the program we told everyone that we had Saladmaster cookware already and that we'd had it for 42 years. Our other friend who was attending the dinner was so impressed that we were so happy and still using our set after all of these years that she bought a set too. At the dinner we also found some new pieces that we purchased, like the rice cooker and we're very excited about adding that to our Saladmaster set.

We didn't know that, with so many corporations who fade away, and this company is still around so many years later. Everything is good about Saladmaster as far as we're concerned!

Thank you, Dr. Purisimo & Lydia, for your kind words regarding Saladmaster. We hope you enjoy the new cookware pieces you added to your set!