Saladmaster Customer Testimonial: Elaine's Story

Tue, 02/25/2014 - 9:25am -- Saladmaster

From Elaine B., Saladmaster owner of 48 years

I was introduced to Saladmaster when my girlfriend's brother had a dinner party - we both ended up buying a set. Even though things were tight at the time, I've never regretted it. I love these pans and I still cook with the same pots and pans I bought almost 50 years ago.

When I saw the dinner program it was right at the time when information about cooking with aluminum was coming out, and I didn't like the thought of cooking in aluminum. I was very impressed with the health aspect. I really like the idea that you use very little water so the nutrients in your food aren't dumped down the sink. With everything that I cook, the fact is that I don't have to use water or cook on high heat - it's a great investment. I can even cook roasts in my electric oil core skillet without heating my whole oven. And I love the Vapo-Valve™ because it lets me know when to turn the heat down.

It's such a practical set. I know people who have gone through 6 or 7 sets of cookware and I'm still happily cooking on my same Saladmaster set.

When we moved from the U.S. back to Nova Scotia, I thought my warranty would be gone, but I've never had a problem! All I did was contact Saladmaster, even though we had moved and they had moved, and they've always been right there for me without one problem. Because we moved from Canada and lived in the U.S., our children were accustomed to celebrating both Canadian Thanksgiving and American Thanksgiving with Saladmaster. To this day, even though we moved back to Canada, that tradition has stayed with us.

A lot has changed since I purchased my Saladmaster. Now they are teaching cooking classes which wasn't out when we got our cookware set. My set is older than my local Saladmaster dealer! It has always been a good product and the people who work for Saladmaster are incredible - they are so nice. Saladmaster has surrounded themselves with conscientious, good people who stand behind their product and their warranty. It's wonderful cookware and a wonderful company.

Thank you, Elaine, for your kind words and for sharing your Saladmaster story!