Healthy & Happy Living Recognized For Innovative Business Practices

Tue, 11/17/2015 - 12:16pm -- Saladmaster

After less than two years in business, Sebastian and Ewa Stankiewicz never expected to win an award for their business, Healthy & Happy Living, Inc.

"Sebastian and I were notified that our office has received the 2015 Best of Schaumburg Award in the Health Consultant category," said Ewa. "We were shocked to receive such notification, but we are very excited and honored to obtain such an award!" 

The Best of Shaumburg Award Program honors small businesses, like Healthy & Happy Living, that demonstrate excellent marketing success, community involvement, and innovative business practices in the marketplace.

The Best of Shaumburg Award Program honors small businesses, like Healthy & Happy Living, that demonstrate excellent marketing success, community involvement, and innovative business practices in the marketplace.

Passion for Changing Lives

The couple has been married for 12 years, with 2 sons and in January 2014, they opened a Saladmaster dealership, Happy & Healthy Living, Inc with the passion to change lives within their Illinois community.

What made this business worthy of winning this award? The Stankiewicz's demonstrated their ability to use a variety of fresh marketing methods to grow their business, unlike any other business in Shaumburg. With each new customer served and each new consultant trained, Healthy and Happy Living grew steadily to the point that the business was nominated and won this award for its contributions to nutritional education, community outreach and local job growth.

Together, the Stankiewicz's grew their dream business by cooking for families in their homes, and offering cooking classes that teach the power of food for health while using the right equipment and techniques. And when they aren't cooking, you can find the Stankiewicz's and their consultants using food to educate the public at local events or in neighborhoods offering complimentary fresh cut salads. This dynamic duo takes daily action to bring their company mission to life - Healthy & Happy Living changing lives one meal at a time.

Food enthusiasts gather for nutrition education, food and fun at Healthy & Happy Cooking, an Authorized Saladmaster Dealership

Food enthusiasts gather for nutrition education, food and fun
at Healthy & Living, an Authorized Saladmaster Dealership

Excellence in Marketing

As part of the Stankiewicz's Saladmaster marketing strategy, there is no cost to consumers for any these food experiences. No purchase is necessary, and each experience gives consumers an idea about the benefits of owning premium kitchen products that inspire a better way of cooking and all kinds of delicious opportunities.

The Stankiewicz's innovative business practices are based on the direct selling business model. According to the World Federation of Direct Selling, consumers benefit from direct selling companies such as Saladmaster because of the convenience and service it provides, including personal demonstration and explanation of products, home delivery, and generous satisfaction guarantees.  

Changing Lives in the Community

When Sebastian and Ewa opened their Saladmaster dealership together, it not only changed their lives, it also contributed to the cultural and economic vitality of their community. 

The Stankiewicz's were able to provide local job opportunities and become more personally involved in their community through fun cooking events and Open Houses that feature seasonal plant based recipes, healthy cooking, holiday menus and ethnically diverse cuisine.  Now with a bustling team of fourteen, Healthy & Happy Living is gearing up for even more success in 2016, with plans to cook for more people than ever, as well as double the size of their organization by offering more life changing career positions to aspiring entrepreneurs who share their passion.   

The entire Healthy & Happy Living crew, along with Ewa and Sebastian, deserve heart-felt congratulations for their innovative business practices used to win this award. Like so many of their fellow dealers around the world in Saladmaster, the Stankiewicz's continue to change lives by inspiring families to cook up something better, and it is a food experience definitely worth tasting!