It's Time to Cook Like a Wok Star


We all live busy, busy lives and time is of the essence, but we know that what we eat is essential to our health. And if we are living with a food-impairment, such as lactose intolerance, we have to pay even closer attention to our diet by eating healthy and using light recipes.

Having the right cooking equipment to cook a one-dish, healthy meal can make our lives so much easier and the Saladmaster woks are the perfect piece of cookware to get the job done! Not only are there incredible recipes that encompass all nutritional elements in just one dish, but a wok is a perfect single vessel to cook those ingredients.

Meat, vegetables, legumes, herbs and spices - an array of nutrients can be combined to deliver a delectable meal for your family in one pan, the Saladmaster wok, making eating healthy easier than you ever thought. Experiment with light recipes like this: stir-fry some diced chicken then add some leftovers from your refrigerator to the wok like rice from the night before and vegetables you may have in the hamper. Choose some herbs and spices and suddenly you have a delicious one-dish meal. The Saladmaster woks can make quick and easy cooking a breeze as well as a cooking adventure!

Plus, with only one pan to clean, how can a family meal be easier?

Examples of one-dish flow experimentation:

Diced red pepper
Chopped bok choy
Diced chicken or beef
Dry sherry


Vegetable broth
Minced ginger
Minced garlic
Chopped scallions
Snow peas
Vegetarian Curry

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