Making Delicious Tempura with Your Culinary Baskets


Simple Recipe for Light and Crispy Tempura

1 cup (240 mL) ice cold water
1 egg
1 cup (125g) flour (whisk to aerate)

 *It is important that the water is very cold as this helps to prevent the batter from absorbing too much oil.

Insert Culinary Basket inside the appropriate size pan or roaster and place unit on top of the stove. Add oil and preheat over medium-high heat for approximately 10 - 12 minutes. Use the guidelines for the correct amount of oil depending on the size pan. When heated, the oil should be around 340° - 360°F/171° - 182°C. To check the temperature of the frying oil, using a large spoon, scoop a small portion of the batter and dribble into the oil. If the batter comes to the surface right away instead of sinking to the bottom of the pan, the oil is too hot and the temperature should be lowered slightly. If the batter goes halfway to the bottom and then comes up, it is approximately 360°F/182°C.

Using a Saladmaster stainless steel mixing bowl, lightly whisk cold water and egg together until smooth. Tempura batter is best when made fresh and not prepared in advance. Double or triple the recipe according to the quantity being prepared.

Fry tempura vegetables and fruits first if you also plan to tempura meats during the same time period.

Place a few of the ingredients into the batter and toss with a spoon and coat thoroughly.

Using tongs, carefully release battered food into the hot oil, while being careful not to splatter the oil. Fry for 3 - 4 minutes, turning once. Batter should become crispy and golden brown.

Remove food with a slotted spoon and transfer to the prepared baking sheet or dish that has been layered with dry paper towels for absorbing excess oil. Let the oil in the pan/roaster return to 360°F/182°C, approximately 1 - 2 minutes, then repeat with the remaining ingredients. Serve with dipping sauce of your choice. Discard cooking oil and do not reuse.

Suggested Food Groups when Making Tempura:


  • Zucchini: cut on cone #4 (Slicer) or cone #5 (Waffler)
  • Yellow squash: cut on cone #4 (Slicer) or cone #5 (Waffler)
  • Sweet yellow onion: sliced in 1-inch (2.54cm) strips
  • Carrots: cut on cone #3 (French Fryer)
  • Sweet potatoes: cut on cone #3 (French Fryer)
  • Green beans: whole
  • Mushrooms: whole button
  • Scallions: large


  • Apples: sliced in rings
  • Pears: sliced in rings


  • Shrimp: large, shelled and deveined (tails on)
  • Calamari
  • Chicken tenders: cut in 1-inch (2.54cm) pieces

Tips and Hints:
Pat dry vegetables, fruits and meats with a paper towel prior to dipping into the batter. This is an important step as excess water could cause the oil to boil rapidly and splatter.