Reheating Leftovers


By "Chef" Pete Updike, Authorized Saladmaster Dealer

I have found that the evenness of reheating in the Saladmaster cooking system is superior to any other method of reheating, and I have experimented with many. It seems that the microwave is the most inconsistent. It often leaves the outer area too hot and the center cold. And other methods are very inconvenient. With Saladmaster, there are basically two simple ways to reheat food that provide superior results: one relates to the stove-top cookware and the other to the Electric Oil Cores. The key is to not re-cook the food but to simply reheat uniformly using these easy and FAST steps.

Keep in mind that the tips in reheating should apply most of the time, but there are always rare exceptions depending on the kind of foods. Let’s get started:

  • In a Saladmaster stove-top utensil one would typically add 1 - 2 teaspoons (5 -10 mL) of water into the utensil to compensate for what likely evaporated off during the serving period. This also helps replace the moisture that will create a new seal during reheating. Obviously, in the case of soup or other high moisture foods, adding water is unnecessary. Also, this water absorbs back into the food and you won’t be pouring off any nutrients.  
  • Then turn the temperature to ¼ to ½ of the heat setting that is your normal “medium”; give it approximately 5 minutes. Sometimes if your heat is a little high you will begin to hear the Vapo-Valve™ click, which is OK. Either way, turn heat to low until you are ready to eat. Saladmaster will wait on you! 

It is amazing to test how well the interior of the food has been evenly heated along with the outer portion. It will take a little longer than the microwave, but the food will be much more delicious. Alternatively, if one selects the microwave reheat options (which simply pulses the microwaves on and off) they will find that Saladmaster will rival the reheat time.

  • When reheating in the Electric Oil Core, follow the above preparation steps and reheat at about  185-200°F/85-95°C for approximately 10-15 minutes for a fairly full utensil; with a smaller quantity it will take less time. If you have one of the newer digital probes, you can simply turn your timer off after approximately 10 minutes (the Electric Oil Core utensils will remain hot for about an hour even after turned off).

We hope the added understanding of how Saladmaster works will further enhance your cooking experience! Also, when you calculate how many food minutes are wasted in normal food storage and reheating, food preparation becomes much more enjoyable and adds peace of mind that you are taking care of your nutritional need - plus its fun!