Saladmaster Cutting Cone No. 2 - Stringer


For cutting foods into medium-size "strings". Cuts considerable larger than shredder, but smaller than French fry cut.

  • Onions - Remove skin and cut onions in half for best results, placing outside of onion toward the hopper. 
  • Carrots - Do not peel. Cut into shoestrings for salads and waterless cooking.
  • Cheese - Cuts into "macaroni-size" pieces for salads, pizza, or flavoring other dishes.
  • Apples - To peel apples or other fruits, place peeling side toward the hopper. Serve apple with peel left on for more healthful, appetizing, and eye-appealing dishes.
  • Potatoes - Create quick and easy hash browns.

CAUTION: As with any precision cutting instrument, the edges of the cutting cones are very sharp. Use extreme care when handling.