Slow Cooking Temperature Guide


150 to 160°F
(65 to 70°C)

5 -7 hours

Simmer; Bake beans, 4 to 6 hour   stews, poultry-bone-in soups, cereals. Steam: Hot dogs, puddings.

170 to 190°F
(75 to 00°C)

3-5 hours

Simmer: Appetizer dips, hot beef, barbecue, "Sloppy Joes," etc.

200 to 220°F
(95  to 105°C)

2-3 hours

Fast Simmer: Spar ribs, lamb shanks, winter squash, fruit punch, vegetable juices, fish-chowder, cheese sauce. Simmer: Frozen vegetables, potatoes, corn-on-the-cob, stuffed peppers,   seafood, rice, dumplings.

230 to 250°F
(110 to 120°C)

1½-3 hours

Bring liquids to boil. High-simmer: Corned beef, pot roasts and short ribs. Thicken: Gravies, soups and sauces. Prepare: Fresh applesauce, peach or apple butter and hot chocolate.

Most foods can be prepared at the listed settings. Use cooking times in chart as a guide only. Times will vary. When cooking roasts, ham, or poultry, use a meat thermometer inserted in thickest part to ensure that recommended doneness is reached.