Your Safety Is Our Concern

Important Safeguards:
  1. Check the handles on the appliance and tighten any loose screws when necessary.
  2. The pressure relief valve for the unique Saladmaster® “Oil Core” is guarded by the handle.  It is important to have handles in place at all times.  Do not operate this appliance without both handles securely in place.
  3. If the appliance is dropped or the handles are broken, check for damage to the pressure relief valve.  If parts are dislodged or if you notice oil leaking from under the handle, contact your distributor for service.  Do not tamper with the pressure relief valve under any condition.
  4. Always dry outside of appliance completely before connecting heat control.
  5. Never immerse hot appliance in water.  Always allow it to cool before cleaning.
  6. To reduce the hazard of potential electrical shock, this item has a polarized plug which is designed to fit only one way in a polarized outlet.
  7. A short cord is provided to reduce the risks of becoming tangled in or tripping over a longer cord.  Extension cords are not recommended.


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Is there more than just rice? I really need a this is what you can do with these pots book or some kind of quick guide. I get excited then lost when I try to cook things. Please help.