Saladmaster Customer Testimonial: Hazelee's Story

Tue, 04/08/2014 - 2:21pm -- Saladmaster

From Hazelee H., Saladmaster owner of 55 years

I'm 94 years old and I've had my Saladmaster for over 50 years and I'm still using it and showing it off to people too.

We heard about Saladmaster when my husband had a friend who was selling Saladmaster. My husband loves to help people out so we hosted a party to help him. At the time I didn't feel like we could afford this cookware, but it turned out I've enjoyed it all these years and it was money well invested.

My son was really little during our dinner program and he says he remembers this fellow cooking and showing us how they retain heat by putting the pan in the refrigerator and taking it out again later and the food was still hot.

I remember when I first got my Saladmaster I was so proud of them! I'd wash the dishes and my new pans, and I'd hold them up to the window and watch them shine. I think I thought that my neighbors across the street could see them through the window, and I wanted them to see how beautiful they are.

One of the things I love the most about my pans is that I don't have trouble keeping them clean. I just wash them with my other dishes and my Saladmaster stays pretty and shiny. I got a can of cleanser that came with my set and I still have that original can that's about 1/2 full because I rarely have to use it because cleaning is so easy.

Saladmaster is well worth the investment because they cook so well and stay as good as new. It's a wonderful investment, especially for young couples.

I like to cook everything in my pans, and that was one of the things I like about the dinner presentation - the way he cooked in the pans. I think my cooking days may be coming to a close, but I have 3 children and 2 of them have Saladmaster cookware of their own. And now, winning the new set [from the Oldest Cookware Contest], my daughter will get that. 

Oh, and I keep the big pot that I don't use a lot but I take it to church functions when we need a lot of food. Recently, I took a pot of food to an event and I told them not to take off the cover because the food will stay hot. But they took the cover off, reheated it and the food I brought turned to mush - they didn't understand the advantages of Saladmaster. 

What I say about Saladmaster is they are as good as they're advertised to be.

Thank you, Hazelee, for sharing your Saladmaster story with us. We are so glad to hear that you have enjoyed cooking in Saladmaster all these years!


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Hoping I recieved what they promise after I purchase my Master set