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Saladmaster Recipes

We teach people how to prepare healthy, delicious meals for their families using the right equipment and techniques.

Saladmaster Oil Core Skillets and Multi-Purpose Pan Temperature Guide

Warm or Simmer Keep foods warm: simmer meats and poultry.
150 to 200°F (65 to   95°C)
225 to 250°F   (105 to 120°C) Stew or braise meats: sauté vegetables; cook sauces, fruits, casseroles, fried rice, and snacks.
275 to 300°F (135 to   150°C) Prepare eggs, gravies, candies, and puddings.
325 to 350°F   (165 to 175°C) Brown meats and seafood; bake cakes, pancakes, and French toast; grill sandwiches; fry potatoes.
375°F (190°C) Sear meats and poultry; stir-fry meats
375°F (190°C) Sear meats and poultry; stir-fry meats
400 to 425°F   (205 to 220°C) Pan-broil meats and fish; stir-fry meats; popcorn.