Saladmaster: A Global Presence

Wed, 06/05/2013 - 1:48pm -- Saladmaster

Since the company's inception in 1946, Saladmaster has expanded globally to over 40 countries, remaining committed to our core mission:

We teach people how to prepare healthy, delicious meals for their families using the right equipment and techniques.

Saladmaster has taken this mission to people all over the world, teaching them how cooking in a healthy manner with a quality product can help maintain an active healthy lifestyle while saving time and money. 

The Saladmaster motto - We Change Lives™ - is at the heart of every Saladmaster Dealership. The knowledge and ability to change the quality of life of thousands of people is a matter of great pride for Saladmaster dealers and all of their team members; and a motto upon which they all joyfully build their futures and the future of others. 

People have become a part of the Saladmaster family for many different reasons, but having the certainty in a product and a company that has successfully spanned generations is proof that there is and always will be quality to the core. 

Raymond Maduro of Healthy Lifestyle Solutions, Saladmaster Authorized Dealer in Aruba, shares his passion for Saladmaster in the video below. "In all the years I have been in business, seldom have I come across a company with such high standards and ethics. All customers in Aruba, past and present, are super happy with their cooking experience and the high quality of Saladmaster," explains Raymond. 

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