Make it Fresh


By "Chef" Pete Updike, Authorized Saladmaster Dealer

Are you familiar with any of the cardboard box meal ‘helpers’ such as hamburger helper? If you are, you know that what you get is a box of dry ingredients that are mainly noodles or rice along with lots of chemicals and preservatives that plump-up the dried ingredients when you add water. 

I think we can all agree that often speed in putting meals together is important, and we are better off if that speed doesn’t sacrifice health and nutrition. People often think there has to be a trade-off; however, with Saladmaster, you can cook meals that are both fast and nutritious. 

Check out how to make nutritious and quick casseroles and lasagnas. 

The basic items are:

  • A sauce of your choice (such as tomato sauce)
  • A carbohydrate such as noodles or rice
  • Seasonings of choice
  • A protein such as beef, chicken, beans or vegan meat substitute
  • Sliced vegetables of choice 

Pre-cook ground or diced meat in your Saladmaster Steamer Unit using the benefit of the Vapo-Valve™ to guide you. Just place about 1 ½ inches of water in the base of your 3 Qt. Sauce Pan, place chicken pieces, ground beef or sausage in the steamer unit and cover. Place heat on medium until Vapo-Valve™ clicks. Then stir meat and recover. When the Vapo-Valve™ clicks again, your meat should be adequately cooked (make sure color reflects this). 

You will find that ground beef will not shrink as much compared to skillet browned meat. If you use veggie beef or veggie chicken, the substitute meat does not have to be pre-cooked. You can also, of course, brown as usual in the skillet, or Electric Oil Core, you will be cooking the meal in. 

You can even cook the meat at a convenient time and freeze it for use at a later date. 

Once your meat is cooked and your vegetables sliced all that remains is layering. When making a quick skillet lasagna or casserole, simply pour a layer of sauce on bottom; place meat or beans on the sauce; place a layer of vegetables on the meat; place a layer of uncooked noodles or uncooked rice (any kind – because Saladmaster cooks so evenly you need not precook your noodles or rice for a layered dish that includes sauce) over vegetables; layer more sauce (be sure to cover all of the noodles or rice with sauce); then continue to layer as desired using spices and herbs. If you choose, top with grated cheese you’ve shredded using Cone #1 on your Saladmaster Machine.

If using the EOC, turn your temperature probe to RIC1 or RIC2 and allow the timed cycle to run. If using the Saladmaster Large Skillet, place temperature on medium heat. When the Vapo-Valve™ clicks, reduce heat to low and cook for 20 - 25 minutes. 

Don’t be afraid of doing it ‘wrong’ – if it’s too dry add a little moisture; if it’s too soupy, uncover and continue to cook until the moisture evaporates.



Submitted by George Castaneda on

Is there videos or DVD's to help us with cooking certain dishes?  The receipes are useful, but classes, videos, dvd's would really help.  I live in Mission, TX and the dealer that I bought it from does not offer the classes.  Please help, don't want my investment to go to waste.

Submitted by Saladmaster on

Thank you for your question, and welcome to the Saladmaster family! The "Tips & How To" tab has a lot of useful tips on how to get started with your cookware. Also, check out our YouTube channel for many videos that should prove to be helpful: In regards to DVDs, please check with your dealer about ordering.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!