Saladmaster Food Guide


The Saladmaster® Machine “food guide” is an improved feature that makes cutting easier than ever and enables you to make perfect cuts of fruits and vegetables.  The primary use of the food guide is for slicing.  For best results, use the No. 4 – Thin Slicer or No. 5 – Waffler.

  • Guides food directly into cutting cone at the correct angle.
  • Simple to operate…inserts easily into the top of the Saladmaster® Machine.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Eliminates waste…perfect for clean, even cuts.

Simply place food upright and hold firmly against the “food guide.”  Exert downward pressure as you turn the Machine handle.  Turning the handle at varying speeds will produce precise cuts.





Submitted by Cherry on

I got my Saladmaster Machine 8 years ago and I still have the old food guide. Can this be purchased separately?


Submitted by Saladmaster on

Thank you for your question, Cherry. You may purchase the new food guide on our website at the following link: Click on the category "Saladmaster Machine" and the food guide will be in the parts list.

You may also contact our Saladmaster Customer Service at 817-633-3555 for assistance.