The Basics of Cooking Vegetables & Fruits Without Sticking


By "Chef"' Pete Updike, Authorized Saladmaster Dealer

The art of cooking is what makes cooking so enjoyable. It is a craft that allows us to always learn new things. Having the right tools, like Saladmaster cookware, simply makes this process much more enjoyable and offers many more possibilities to expand our ‘craft.’

 When we’re cooking fruits and vegetables start in a cold pan.

  • Select the right sized cooking utensil. It should be 2/3 full when fruits or vegetables are added.
  • Watch for food particles preventing seal around rim of utensil.
  • Many vegetables may be cooked in the same utensil.
  • Watch for tilted burner. These can cause all condensation necessary to activate seal to run to one side, preventing a proper vacuum.
  • When cooking multiple vegetables, place more temperature sensitive vegetables on top of more hearty vegetables. Example: cook broccoli on top of carrots. Or, when just doing broccoli, cut up stalks on Cone #2 and put in bottom of pan and then place florets on top. When cooking broccoli this way, the stalks will tenderize much better and the florets will stay dark green, keeping all their flavor!
  • You may consider rinsing and draining all foods for your first few meals until you find the true medium and low temperatures on your stove.

Potatoes, yams, turnips and other starchy vegetables: These vegetables should be well rinsed and drained. This leaves tiny droplets on the surface of the vegetables which aids in activating the Vapo-Valve™. These vegetables are often perfect to be cut on the Saladmaster Machine’s Cones #3 and #5. 

Dry vegetables: Some vegetables will not release sufficient moisture to activate the Vapo-Valve™ such as broccoli, cauliflower and green beans. In this case, simply put the vegetable in the proper sized utensil, pour water over vegetables to rinse, and then pour off water. Then simply cook using the medium-click-low method.

In the case of Brussels sprouts, either allow the Vapo-Valve™ to flutter a little longer, or, when you turn it down, turn heat to "almost-low" were the Vapo-Valve™ flutters every few seconds. This allows center of Brussels sprouts to tenderize more complete. If you want to leave, then step heat all the way to low.

Corn on the cob: Husk corn. Rinse husks under the tap then place like a bed in the bottom of a cold roaster. Place corn on top of husks and heat on medium. When the Vapo-Valve™ clicks, place the heat on low and cook for 12 - 15 minutes; incredible flavor! 

Hint: with any thick foods, use the "almost-low" temperature or allow the Vapo-Valve™ to click a little longer. This method will insure tenderizing all the way through.