Canning with Saladmaster


Many people still enjoy good, old-fashioned home canned foods.  The Saladmaster® Machine prepares foods more attractively for canning and saves many hours of work over the old hand cutting methods.  In addition to reducing work time, the Saladmaster® Machine will save food as well, as peeling is unnecessary.  Not peeling away the skins of fruits and vegetables allows you to retain the healthful, body building vitamins and minerals.

Because the Saladmaster® Machine is so quick and easy to use, it also saves you time and energy.  The combination of all of these efficiencies allows you advantage of the monetary savings possible through home canning of plentiful fruits and vegetables.

Helpful hints to guide you in preparation:

  • Beets for relish: No. 2 – Shredder or No. 2 – Stringer
  • Beets for regular canning: No. 3 – French Fryer
  • Beets for pickling: No. 5 – Waffler or No. 4 – Think Slicer
  • Corn or cucumbers for relish: No. 2 – Stringer
  • Cucumbers for pickles: No. 4 – Thin Slicer
  • Cabbage for sauerkraut or coleslaw: No. 4 – Thin Slicer
  • Onions/cabbage for Chow Chow: No. 2 – Stringer
  • Watermelon for sweet pickles: No. 3 – French Fryer
  • When canning, you can use any of the cutting cones, but the No. 5 – Waffler is recommended for the extra show and beauty it brings to canned foods.  There are thousands of uses for the Saladmaster® Machine.  Just let your imagination be your guide.