Features and Benefits for MP5, 10" and 12" Electric Oil Core Units


Advanced engineering and quality craftsmanship has enabled Saladmaster to provide you with sophisticated electrical cooking utensils that are perfect for baking, braising, pan-broiling, roasting, sautéing, simmering, stewing and stir-frying. The possibilities are endless!

Multi-Purpose 5 Qt. Oil Core (MP5)

12" Electric Oil Core Skillet (EOC)

Stainless Steel Construction – Hard, polished stainless steel resists pitting, cracking and chipping.  Easy to clean, the Saladmaster® Stainless Steel 5-quart, and 10” and 12” Oil Core units will retain their beautiful appearance for years.

Amazing Oil Core – Fast, even heat distribution over the entire cooking surface without hot spots is assured, thanks to a special heat conducting oil sandwiched between layers of high quality stainless steel.  This is the finest heat conduction system available for cookware!

Touch-Pad Heat Control – Optimum heat selection is easy with the touch-pad heat control.  Built-in-timer allows you to select the cooking time, up to 12 hours, and the appliance shuts off automatically.  Temperature and cooking time can be changed at any point during cooking.

Fully Immersible – With the touch-pad heat control removed, the electric 5-quart, and 10” & 12” oil core appliances can be easily washed in your sink or placed in a dishwasher.  Water cannot damage the heating element.  It is sealed beneath the cooking surface, protecting from moisture and corrosion.

Stores Heat - From kitchen to table, piping hot! The Oil Core holds heat long after the appliance is unplugged.  Food stays at serving temperature at the table without an inconvenient cord attached.