Fried Foods Without Fats


Any meat including chicken with our without skin, can be “fried” in your Saladmaster® cookware without added fat or oil.  The secret is in preheating.  Preheat the large or small skillet over medium heat 2 to 3 minutes until a few drops of water splashed on the surface bead and dance.  Place meat firmly into preheated skillet and press down to ensure even searing.  Brown the meat or chicken on all sides.  If additional cooking is required, place the cover slightly ajar on top of the skillet and cook to desired doneness.  Always choose the skillet large enough to hold the meat without crowding or cook the meat in small batches if necessary. 



Submitted by Rita Rullan on

cooking with Saladmaster is more easy and healthy with out grease just in fews minutes and so easy to clean too go for it  I recommended it a 100% you are going to like it and enjoy it to cook even if you don't like to be in the kitchen just graduated your pots and they just cook for you don't have to do nothing else just waited for the click - click that let you know ......... don't loose time and get yours too it's go a change your life  eating healthy believe me I already did it and I LOVED IT 

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