Nesting Pans


One of the genuinely marvelous elements of Saladmaster cookware is the “nesting” (fit together easily) capabilities of the pans, making storage so much easier and more convenient. The Chef's Gourmet Skillets have these same capabilities!

When you remove the detachable handles from the skillets, all three skillets will nest together to reduce the space needed to store the pans as well as make the pans easy to find when you’re ready to use them.

The removable long and short handles make lifting and moving your food-laden pans easy. But when it’s time to put them in the cupboard, remove the handles and they will nest.

Interchange the short and long handles depending on your needs: they can be completely removed to place the skillets in the oven for melting , to crisp toppings, or to bake; and put two short handles on to bring the pan to the table.



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this set of three skillets is the best thing I have in my kitchen...iloved

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