Onion Pointers


Onions all rebel under high heat, or with too long a cooking period, by discoloring and giving off an unpleasant odor caused by the breakdown of their sulfur component. When sautéing them, be sure they are evenly sliced so they all cook golden at the same time and none remain harsh in taste.

Several kinds of onions are generally available: small whites which are ideal for creaming and stews; big full-flavored globes, yellows, Bermudas and the Vidalias, sweet Spanish and Italian reds. The latter three are sweeter and much milder and often used raw in salads and sandwiches.

And don't forget that you can sauté onions without any added oil in your Saladmaster cookware! If you like added flavor, try sautéing your onions in a little bit of vegetable broth.