Saladmaster Cutting Cone No. 3 - French Fryer


Designed for cutting potatoes and other firm vegetables which become the perfect size for fast cooking.

  • Carrots/beets/turnips - Perfect cut for waterless cooking and when preparing beets for canning.
  • Fruit - Fresh pears, apples or peaches can now be attractively prepared.  Apples are excellent for Waldorf salads and pies, with each slice having a colorful peeling dip.
  • Melon - Cut melon, papaya, and avocados into fourths or eights and feed them into the hopper with the skin toward the hopper.
  • Potatoes - Oven-baked French fries. 

CAUTION: As with any precision cutting instrument, the edges of the cutting cones are very sharp. Use extreme care when handling.