Saladmaster Cutting Cone No. 5 - Waffler


For fancy waffled cuts of fruits and vegetables.  The #5 Waffler cone creates thicker cuts than the No. 4 - Thin Slicer.

  • Potatoes - Do not peel.  Simply cut and fry to a golden brown.  Sweet potatoes, which much first be peeled, are also excellent when waffled.
  • Apples - Cut apples in half and remove core.  Slice, cook, and serve.
  • For pickled beets - cook, slice, and then pickle.  Excellent for canning.
  • Bananas - Fast and attractive slices for fruit salads, desserts, or a delicious yogurt parfait.
  • Carrots - No need to peel. Simply slice and cook...or use in an attractive garden salad.

CAUTION: As with any precision cutting instrument, the edges of the cutting cones are very sharp. Use extreme care when handling.