Saladmaster Cutting Cone No.1 - Shredder


Ideal for finely shredded foods and for grating hard foods such as cheese, dry or toasted bread, crackers, or nuts.

Beets/carrots/turnips/potatoes - Do not peel.  The shredder cutting cone will prepare food so that peeling or scraping is not necessary.

Crackers/dry bread - Fill hopper and easily grate crumbs for desserts, fish, poultry, or oyster dishes.

Celery - Shredded celery is excellent for soups or salad dressings.  Place string side toward hopper to eliminate strings.

Frozen foods - Shred frozen fruit while still frozen for sundaes, desserts, etc.

Lemons/limes/oranges -  Use the outside layers of these fruits to create the perfect, most flavorful zest.

Cheese - Shred for salads, soups, and tacos.

CAUTION: As with any precision cutting instrument, the edges of the cutting cones are very sharp. Use extreme care when handling.