Saladmaster Features and Benefits


Here's What Separates Saladmaster® From All The Others:

By following the techniques recommended for your new Saladmaster® System, you will be able to eat healthier and, in many cases, cook faster than with traditional cooking methods.

The special design of your system preserves vital nutrients through efficient heat distribution.  The Vapo-Valve™ in the cover eliminates guesswork by signaling when to turn down the heat, thus creating a vapor seal that allows cooking without added water or fat.

The unique Versa-Loc™ Handles make this cookware suitable for use in the oven and even under the broiler.  Simply remove the Versa-Loc™ Handles and move the cookware using the permanent stainless steel bracket handles.  Use potholders when removing the pan from the oven.  For range top cooking and serving, attach the Versa-Loc™ Handles.

Saladmaster Features and Benefits:

  • Vapo-Valve™ takes the guesswork out of low-moisture cooking which preserves nutrition and enhances flavors.
  • The high quality stainless steel construction ensures that the mirror finish will last for years with minimal care.
  • Multi-radiant thermal core provides even heat distribution on the bottom and sides to promote even cooking and allow stovetop baking.
  • Unique Versa-Loc™ Handles provide a comfortable grip for stovetop cooking and tabletop serving, and are removable, allowing the cookware to be used in the oven or under the broiler.
  • Wide, dripless pouring edge is an added convenience.
  • Rounded corners prevent food and grease buildup and are easy to clean.
  • Self-nesting lids facilitate easy storage.
  • Removable Versa-Loc™ Handles facilitate easy cabinet or refrigerator storage.
  • Removable Versa-Loc™ Handles make your utensils easier to clean, as well as dishwasher safe.
  • Saladmaster® Versa-Loc™ Handles remain cool to the touch
  • MADE IN AMERICA - Saladmaster® products are manufactured in the USA.