The Saladmaster Fruit Salad

  1. Using Cone #1 on Saladmaster® machine, grate zest of 1 medium lemon and 1 medium orange.
  2. Chop 1/2 cup pecans using Cone #1.
  3. Process 3 large cored apples using Cone #3 and 4 medium bananas using Cone #5.
  4. Remove membrane from lemon and orange. Separate into sections.
  5. In large bowl, gently toss fruit with grated orange and lemon zests.
  6. Blend in one 8-ounce can (227 g) crushed pineapple with juice. Serve chilled.

Makes 4 - 6 servings.



Submitted by Stephanie Jackson on

So the flesh of the citruses goes into the salad?  It doesn't say to add them to the salad, but why else would you section the orange and lemon?

Submitted by Saladmaster on

Thank you for your question. You are correct; the sections of lemon and orange are added into the salad along with the other fruit. The remaining lemon may be left halved and juiced over the salad as a dressing, which would help to keep the fruit from turning brown.