Tips on Converting Recipes Using the Oven to Your Saladmaster Cookware: Part 2


By "Chef" Pete Updike, Authorized Saladmaster Dealer

More tips and ideas for taking advantage Saladmaster's "oven" alternative; all Saladmaster utensils can be used as an oven.

  1. If you cook cakes in the Electric Oil Core Skillet, you should know that you can also cook cakes in any stovetop skillets. Usually the 250°F/120°C for preheating a cake in the EOC is a little above low on your electric stovetop dial; if using gas, it is usually where the flame is barely curling around the metal part of the flame diffuser.

    When you pour the cake mix into the utensil it should create an extremely small sizzle if it is preheated perfectly. If it doesn't sizzle at all, it will simply take longer to cook and will not rise quite as much. And if you preheated too high you may burn the bottom, which can be cut off afterwards. You may use parchment paper cut to the size of the bottom of the pan. The parchment paper isn't needed, however, if you have a fruit layer on the bottom such as with a pineapple upside down cake.

    *You still use the medium or half-way flame designations when cooking normal stovetop dishes other than cakes. You would follow the medium-click-low method; the above tip is just for    preheating utensil for cakes.
  2. Think about what you might cook on a cookie sheet, things such as nachos, cookies or other party snacks. These can be easily cooked in your larger skillets. It is easier to decorate food on the stovetop and you don't have to manage the baking sheet (no oven mitts; no getting sheets in and out of the oven; and no hassle about where to set the hot sheet).

    For nachos or other munchy type appetizers, use the little mini-cup type Doritos chips (there are many different brands) so it holds runny things like cheese or salsa. It will also help on fast clean-up.
  3. For dishes that require browning, like casseroles with a crumbly top, simply cook the majority of the time on top of the stove in your Saladmaster utensil and for the last few minutes, remove handles and cover to brown in the oven. Even though an oven is required for this, your cooking time will be less, you will have used less energy and you can use your Saladmaster utensil for serving.
  4. Something else fun that is unique to your Saladmaster equipment is cooking cheesecake in your Electric Oil Core Skillet versus the oven. Normally, one has to put their cheesecake pan over a pan of water so the oven stays super moist, not allowing your cheesecake to crack on top. Because of the sealing cover, you will find when you cook this in the EOC, plenty of moisture collects under the cover, which accomplishes the same thing as the pan of water in the oven...only it's much easier.

    Along this line, if you are cooking a regular cake in a skillet, wipe the moisture OFF under the cover with a paper towel about half way through the cooking process and it will cook a few minutes faster because it doesn't need the extra moisture like the cheesecake.

Hopefully this will spur you on to submit your own new creations!

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