Use and Care - MP5, 10" and 12" Electric Oil Core Units



  1. Before the first use, remove heat control.  Wash appliance and cover in warm, soapy water to which you have added one cup of vinegar per gallon of water.  This removes all traces of manufacturing oils and polishing compounds.  Rinse in clear, warm water and dry thoroughly with a clean, soft towel.  CAUTION: Always remove touch-pad heat control before immersing appliance in water.
  2. Always dry outside of appliance completely before connecting heat control.
  3. Refer to Temperature Guide or use temperature specified in recipe to ensure best results.
  4. When the appliance is turned off, disconnect the cord from the outlet.  To transfer it to the table for serving, remove heat control, handling very carefully since the heat control will be very hot.  It is important to lay the hot heat control on a heatproof surface to cool to avoid damage to the table or counter top.  If food is not being served from the appliance, allow it to cool before removing heat control.
  5. Allow appliance to cool before immersing it in water for cleansing.  Do not immerse heat control.
  6. Refer to complete Operating and Cleaning Instructions.
  7. Before first use, remove the thin protective film covering the touch-pad heat control.