Vapor Cooking Basics for Your Saladmaster Culinary Baskets


Vapor cooking is an ideal cooking method for fish and shellfish. This method preserves the seafood's delicate flavor while keeping it moist. Vapor cooking is also a good method for defatting meats. Always use the appropriate size pan for the amount of food being prepared.

Vapor Cooking Basics

It is important to have the proper amount of water in your Saladmaster pan. For example, when using the 3 Qt. (2.8 L Sauce Pan) with 2.5 Qt./ 1.49 L) Culinary Basket, add 2 cups (500 mL) water to the sauce pan. Over-filling the sauce pan could splatter around the edges of the pan or soak the food during vapor cooking. Too little water may cause the pan to boil dry during the vapor cooking process. After adding the water to the pan, cover and position temperature on medium setting. When the Vapo-Valve™ begins to click, remove cover and insert the Culinary Basket with pre-arranged food over boiling water. Cover and vapor cook according to cooking directions.

When placing the cover on the Culinary Basket, make sure it fits tightly. Check the fit of the cover before you start. If there is too much food in the Culinary Basket for the cover to fit properly, remove some of the food until cover fits evenly onto the rim.

Any time you remove the cover during the vapor cooking process, do so carefully. To avoid burning yourself, be sure to tilt the cover so the vapor rises away from you.

No matter how firmly you cover the pan, the liquid will eventually boil away. For foods that cook longer than 15 minutes, check the liquid level occasionally. Have extra liquid boiling on the stove-top in a separate pan or tea kettle; carefully add liquid to the pan in which you are cooking, and not directly over the food.