Baby Foods


It is vital to a babies' health that they be fed properly...that they receive a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to get the vitamins and minerals required each day for proper growth.  With the Saladmaster® Machine, it is easy to give your baby fresh foods that have not lost important nutrients due to canning and air exposure.

Use the No. 1 - Shredder for preparing such foods for a young baby...and the No. 2 - stringer when preparing junior foods.

Cooking Directions:

1) Wash vegetables thoroughly.  Using the appropriate size cone for cutting fruits and vegetables according to babies age; cut fruit or vegetable directly into the 1 quart pan.  When using frozen vegetables, simply place them directly in the pan; do not add any water.

2) Cover pan and place over medium heat.  When the Vapo-Valve™ clicks, reduce heat to low.  Begin timing vegetables after the heat is turned to low, according to the suggested times below:

Vegetable                                          Minutes  

Asparagus,   whole spears 5-7
Beans, green or wax 8-10
Beets, red, whole medium 50-60
Broccoli spears 5-7
Brussels sprouts 9-10
Cabbage, sliced 4-6
Carrots, sliced 9-10
Cauliflower, separated 6-8
Celery, sliced 9-10
Corn, kernels, frozen 1-2
Corn-on-the-cob 10-12
Okra, small, whole 6-8
Onions, sliced 8-10
Peas, fresh or frozen 2-3
Peppers, green or red 3-4
Potatoes, sweet, cubed 15-20
Potatoes, white, whole, medium 20-25
Snow peas 2-3
Spinach, fresh 2-3
Squash, summer, sliced 4-6
Squash, winter, diced 10-13
Zucchini squash, sliced



3) Cream vegetables with a fork or for a smoother consistency place cooked vegetables in an electric food processor prior to serving to baby.

Caution: As with any precision cutting instrument, the edges of the cutting cones are very sharp.  Use extreme care when handling.