Converting Recipes to Saladmaster


By "Chef" Pete Updike, Authorized Saladmaster Dealer

There are countless recipes in a myriad of cooking recipes in countless cookbooks and if you’re a new Saladmaster owner you may be wondering how to cook your old favorites in your new cookware. When you purchased your Saladmaster cookware you were taught that every piece can also be used as a stovetop oven. You also learned the features of the Saladmaster Electric Oil Core Skillet that make it a countertop oven as well!

Today we’re going to talk about converting a recipe that calls for cooking in the oven to cooking it in the Electric Oil Core Skillet.

Here are the ingredients of a typical Chicken Tortilla Casserole recipe:

11 ounces mushroom soup
11 ounces cream of chicken soup
1 onion, chopped
8 ounces green chilies, chopped
4 chicken breasts
14 - 16 corn tortillas
1 pound cheese, grated
11 ounces ripe olives, sliced

To start with, the Saladmaster Food Processor will grate your cheese, chop your olives, onions and chilies in no time flat. You’re already ahead of schedule right from the beginning.

Next you would blend the first four ingredients together and set aside.

But here are the big changes. This traditional recipe would call for the chicken to be placed in a greased baking pan and baked for 1 hour in the oven at 450°F/232°C. But with the Electric Oil Core Skillet, you simply place the chicken in the ungreased skillet (meaty side down), cover and set controller to 250°F/120°C. When the Vapo-Valve™ clicks, turn chicken. When the Vapo-Valve™ clicks again, reduce heat to low (150°F/65°C) and continue to cook for 15 minutes.

In a normal recipe it would then call for the entire assembled recipe to be cooked in another greased pan for 1½ hours in a 300°F/149°C oven.

But with Saladmaster, simply take the chicken out of the electric skillet and dice. Then in the same skillet, layer tortillas, half the chicken, half the sauce mixture and half the cheese. Repeat and place olives on top. Cover and place temperature control on 150°F/65°C and cook for only 45 minutes.

So let’s do a quick review of how this one cooking recipe conversion helps you and your family:

  • You are saving half the time both on the front-end preparing the food and on the back-end when you’re cooking the food. When your hungry family is clamoring for dinner and you have a million places to go, you know you can prepare a meal quickly and easily.
  • You are saving the high calories that adding oils bring to your food.
  • And think of the energy savings by cooking in your Electric Oil Core Skillet (or on top of the stove in any Saladmaster skillet) instead of heating up your oven.


Submitted by lydia go on

May i know if i can bake any cake using the electric skillet?? how about the temp?? they are usually at 350F and cooked at 25-30mins for cakes and 15-20mins for cupcakes. how long do i preheat the skillet before i start baking? thanks Should i change anything from the recipes or just the same?? AND SHOULD i grease and flour the skillet like the usual should do's on baking pans?? thanks!

Submitted by Kathy Filgo on

Hello Lydia -

We're so happy that you're using our recipe website and we hope you are enjoying it. And the website is continuting to grow every day with new recipes and tips.

Regarding your question: Click here and I hope this will answer your questions. Thank you so much for your response and please let us know if you have any other quesitons.

Kindest regards

Submitted by Saladmaster on

Thank you for your question! Ask your Authorized Dealer regarding the Saladmaster cookbook, which contains several tips. Your Dealer is also a wonderful source for you with a wealth of information and will be able to assist you with any particular recipe conversion questions you may have. Keep checking the Tips section of this site for new tips and how to's that we hope are helpful and be sure to share your favorite recipes from the site on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

Submitted by Marian White on

Hello,  I would like to have the recipe Dallas Yetter, my sales person, used to make the Saladmaster salad.  I've asked him so many questions already I just hate to bother him again.  It has seven basic ingredients.  Red cabbage, green cabbage, apple, lemon, carrot, radish.  What else?  

And, what does "strung" mean?  I've seen it in several recipes.

Thank you, Maria 

Submitted by Saladmaster on

Hi Marian,

Check out our Health Salad recipe and let us know if this is the one you were looking for. Also, we use the term "strung" when we refer to foods being processed using Cone #2 with the Saladmaster Food Processor; it is our "Stringer" cone. You can find the cone number stamped on the base of each cone.

Please let us know if you need anything else!

Submitted by lucyda on
oh..these are chicken breasts.from the picture i thought those were some fine steaks..indeed look gorgeous..still how can you perfect your skills to make chicken breasts look this amazing??i wouldn't say i am a really good chef..just a newb but always wanted to master cooking..before was working as a writer with but since had to prepare my own lunch box each day, became so enchanted by cooking that ended up resigning and thinking of starting my own food truck