Storing Leftovers


By "Chef" Pete Updike, Authorized Saladmaster Dealer

In most families time is of the essence when it comes to handling food whether in the food preparation, storage or reheating aspect. So let’s discuss storing leftovers.

A feature of the Saladmaster cooking system is that you can keep food in the same utensil; you can go from cooking to serving to refrigerator storage to reheating to re-serving to the dishwasher. This is accentuated by the high quality and durability of the 316Ti stainless steel cooking surface, and the benefit of the Versa Loc removable handles. 

A largely unknown feature is how much longer leftovers stay fresh and tasty in Saladmaster compared to many other storage containers. Though it appears to be a fairly universal experience by owners, we would encourage you to put it to the test. Simply cook any food and then, when preparing to store, transfer one-half of the food to a normal storage container and seal normally. Leave the other half in the Saladmaster utensil you cooked it in. To seal the Saladmaster utensil, simply run the lid under water and place it on utensil so moisture creates a light seal. 

Three or four days later (prior to any risk of food going bad), reheat the food in the normal storage container in the microwave (as is normal in our busy society). Reheat the second half in the same Saladmaster utensil it was stored in (see reheating tips). When food is ready to eat, do a taste-test and you will find that Saladmaster comes out on top every time! Following this procedure once or twice will make you a believer in the nutritional retention and the taste when storing and reheating foods in Saladmaster.