Tips on Converting Recipes Using the Oven to Your Saladmaster Cookware: Part 1


By "Chef" Pete Updike, Authorized Saladmaster Dealer

If you normally cook something in an oven and it fits in a Saladmaster utensil (with rare exceptions) you will cook more efficiently in Saladmaster; and your energy savings is enhanced too.

A few conversion tips from cooking in the oven to cooking in Saladmaster stovetop or in the Electric Oil Cores:

  1. If you normally preheat the oven, you will preheat your Saladmaster utensil. If you start your oven from cold, you will start your Saladmaster from cold and usually follow the medium-click-low methodology.

  2. Cut the recommended oven temperature by 100°F/40°C in Saladmaster (e.g. if oven recipe says 350°F/175°C you would set your skillet to 250°F/120°C).

  3. When you start cooking from a cold utensil, you can use the medium-click-low principle; but when you start from a preheated skillet, you will need to time or check on the dish being cooked. It is better to try to go by time because when you keep checking, cooking time is extended. When you are first experimenting, you may find a need to check sometimes. 

  4. When cooking in a preheated Saladmaster utensil, it will usually cook the dish in less time resulting in a fraction of energy used as well as a cooler kitchen. For example, a regular box cake is typically cooked in the oven around 350°F/175°C; the same cake in the Saladmaster Electric Skillet can be cooked at 250°-275°F/120°-135°C and typically cooks in 25 minutes.

    Tip: if it takes much longer than 25 minutes, it usually indicates you should preheat at a little higher temperature; use 25°F/5°C adjustments. Usually the only reason a cake might vary in cooking time is because of moisture variances in the raw cake mix because we replace the oil with fruits and vegetables (for example apple sauce or yogurt). Saladmaster shows you can replace oil with finely shredded fruits and/or vegetables (use Cone #1). This of course means your moisture content may vary from cake to cake. Another way of being more exact is to gradually add these moisture alternatives, then mix with a spoon to check overall moisture level, add a little more moisture alternatives, mix and check again; continue until the correct consistency.

    This may sound like a new concept and if you have questions, simply call your local Saladmaster Dealership and they will walk you through the world-famous Saladmaster Veggie Cake.

Tips on Converting Recipes Using the Oven to Your Saladmaster Cookware: Part 2



Submitted by Mitz Mercado on

Hi!  I have the EOC Skillet and have tried baking brownies (using box premix).  In the ingredients for mixing, it says I should add butter.  However, on this post it states that we replace oil with fruits and vegetable.  Does that mean I don't have to add butter anymore (since buter is also a form of oil)?  

Submitted by Saladmaster on

Thank you for your question, Mitz! You can still bake in your EOC using the package directions on your brownie mix. Check out our Baking in Saladmaster tip for more details.

If you would like to use vegetables or fruits (finely shredded using Cone #1) instead of the oil or butter, simply make sure you add enough to reach the correct consistency before adding the mix to the skillet. 

Let us know how they turn out!