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By “Chef” Pete Updike, Authorized Saladmaster Dealer

Several years ago we were experimenting with the traditional assumption that one can replace oil with apple sauce in a typical recipe such as cake or cookies when you’re using Saladmaster cookware with its unique and special design. With this being the case, then we determined we could probably replace oil with many other food substitutes. So we started experimenting with bananas and many other types of fruits - and it worked! Plus, there is no need to add sugar to many recipes because the Saladmaster cooking method retains the taste of natural sugars found in various food.

We then took it a step further and started to add a variety of vegetables, shredding them using Cone #1 on our Saladmaster Machine. And it worked too. The main thing we realized is that we couldn't overpower our dessert recipes with just one vegetable - it worked best when we used a small amount of a variety of vegetables and fruits. For example, what didn't work is if we used too much of a vegetable, like cabbage or turnips, because it became an overpowering flavor.

In our Veggie Cake recipe (link below), there are several vegetable and/ or fruit medleys that turn a variety of popular treats into something healthy.



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This is the first of many Chef Pete recipes but some exciting new ones are coming soon.  If you would like an advanced copy of Chef Pete's Cherry Cupcake Turnovers cooked in the Electric Skillet or the set-it-and-forget-it Cherry/Chocolate Cupcakes or the Mandarin Orange Supreme Cake, just let us know and we'll get an advanced copy to you.  We also would love your feedback as well as what areas you would like us to work on to help enjoy Saladmaster even more!

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I would like to have all of Chef Pete Updike's recipes for baking.

I am especially interested in cupcake and cobblers.

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Thank you for your interest, Ella! To get more of "Chef" Pete's recipes, check out all of his tips here, and keep an eye out for more to come!