Saladmaster Easter Recipe Ideas

Wed, 04/12/2017 - 2:07pm -- Saladmaster

Easter is an excellent time of year to gather together with your favorite people for a home cooked meal. Traditionally, Easter menus include ham, turkey or lamb.

Scroll down to the end to see Saladmaster Cooking Videos. Check out a few Saladmaster Easter recipes below for you to try:

Main Course

Roasted Ham with Maple Mustard Sauce

Saladmaster Roasted Ham with Maple Mustard Sauce 

Saladmaster Roasted Turkey Stovetop

Saladmaster Roasted Turkey Stovetop

Side Dishes

When in a rush, try making Saladmaster Cauliflower Rice or combining grains and vegetables to polish off your menu.  

Appetizers & Baked Items

There's a few recipes we like to use when there's little time to bake dessert, fresh rolls, or prepare appetizers. Plus, it is a great way to use up all those Easter eggs! 

Other Helpful Cooking Tips: 

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Saladmaster Facebook Live Easter Cooking Tips
This live broadcast features cooking tips for Stovetop Roast Lamb, cauliflower rice, gravy and homemade mint jelly. 


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How to cook Saladmaster Eggs for Easter
Watch and learn hard cook eggs without water in Saladmaster cookware. Plus, learn basic tips for making your own homemade natural food dye to color eggs for the holidays!

Make your Own Natural Egg Dye
Watch this video to see how simple ingredients like red cabbage, onion skins, tea, vinegar and turmeric can be used to make homemade natural food dye to color Easter eggs for the holidays.