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Spanish Brown Rice

Saladmaster Recipe Spanish Brown Rice

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cilantro, lime, tacos, fish, mexican, healthy, seafood

Who doesn't like a good taco? How about a healthier version by using fish as an alternative filler? That's right! Top with your favorite toppings and make this your go-to dinner during those busy nights when time isn't on your side. Ready to enjoy...

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hard boiled eggs, eggs, breakfast, snack, lunch, deviled eggs,

Eggs are a breakfast staple around the world. Here's how to make eggs 3 diffferent ways using the Saladmaster method without using any oil or butter. Perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch or as a snack! 


fruit salad, food processor, watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, salad, berries, orange

Fruit Salad will always be a favorite at any gathering. With the Saladmaster Food Processor, you can whip up a fruit salad for everyone to enjoy in minutes! Pick your favorite fruits and let the processor do the rest for you! 


flank steak marinade, green beans, braiser, lemon, garlic

Having a dinner party or large family dinner can be a lot of work. Saladmaster's 9 Qt. Braiser Pan with Cover is the perfect piece of cookware for you! With its 9 Qt. capacity, it's large enough to make an entire meal all in one pan. You can feed a...

Saladmaster Recipe 316Ti Stuffed Peppers
Saladmaster Recipe Napa Cabbage Salad by Marni Wasserman

This salad makes a great addition to any meal.  It is light and crunchy.  Napa cabbage leaves are made of primarily water- in which case it is low in calories.  If edamame is added into the salad it will boost up the protein content in...

Saladmaster Recipe Lentil Soup, Lentil Recipes

A quick and easy lentil soup that will soon become one of your favorite lentil recipes!

Saladmaster Healthy Solutions 316 Ti Cookware: Apple Spice Cake
Wild Mushroom Barley Risotto
Saladmaster Recipe Spanish Olive Oil Tortas with Orange and Anise by Cathy Vogt

Tortas de Aceite are Spanish olive oil flatbreads. These hand-flattened tortas are made by local women in Seville, Spain where they have been made since 1910. Delicious, fruity Spanish olive oil with a variety of flavorings from: sweet,...

Saladmaster Recipe Cauliflower & Shrimp Fried "Rice" by Cathy Vogt

Lighten up your traditional stir fried rice by substituting rice for cauliflower and adding in a lot of vegetables. Serve as a side dish or as an entrée with a side of seaweed salad or sautéed greens.

Chocolate Mousse

This vegan recipe is a more healthful version of the traditional delicacy. It is lower-fat, cholesteral-free and absolutely delicious! And, did you know...

Saladmaster Recipe Korean Kimchi Rice

Bokumbap or Bokkeumbap is a simple everyday Korean rice dish. Use up leftover rice and add in any vegetables that you may have on hand for a quick one pan meal. This dish can be made with bacon, beef or tempeh for a vegetarian version.

Saladmaster Recipe Salsa

With just 5 ingredients, this simple to make salsa recipe will become a staple in your home.