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Spanish Brown Rice

Saladmaster Recipe Spanish Brown Rice

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flank steak marinade, green beans, braiser, lemon, garlic

Having a dinner party or large family dinner can be a lot of work. Saladmaster's 9 Qt. Braiser Pan with Cover is the perfect piece of cookware for you! With its 9 Qt. capacity, it's large enough to make an entire meal all in one pan. You can feed a...

shrimp recipe, quinoa recipe, 30 minute meals

Lighten up your dinner with this delicious and fresh Lemon Garlic Shrimp with Quinoa recipe. Quinoa offers more dietary fiber and protein than brown rice, which in turn makes you stay fuller, longer! 


Quick and easy lentils and rice recipe
Also referred to as Mujaddara, this dish consists of cooked lentils, rice and caramelized onions. Mujaddara is found in many areas of the Middle East, each with a slight variation in seasonings. Serve this as a vegan entree or side dish,
Saladmaster Recipe Lentil Soup, Lentil Recipes

A quick and easy lentil soup that will soon become one of your favorite lentil recipes!

Saladmaster Healthy Solutions 316 Ti Cookware: Steel Cut Oats

What a delicious beginning to the day this healthy, hearty breakfast makes! Steel cut oats are less processed than regular oats and have more fiber, protein and...

Saladmaster Recipe Low-Fat Veggie Confetti Muffins

Packed with fresh veggies, these wholesome muffins are a quick and easy snack to make for breakfast or to take along as a snack.

Saladmaster Recipe Cauliflower Colcannon

Cauliflower replaces potatoes in this lighter, lower carbohydrate version of Colcannon, which is a popular Irish mashed potato and cabbage dish.

Recipe White Bean Chili

This White Bean Chili is adapted from a recipe that was published in the Montgomery County Courier in January 2015. In using Saladmaster, this chili can now be cooked in 1 hour as opposed to the 8 hours it would normally take. The flavor is so...

Super Apple Cinnamon Bites by Marni Wasserman

These bites are not only filled with long lasting quality “energetic” ingredients like oats, dates, coconut
oil and apples, but they are also high in fiber and gluten free. They make a great snack to take to school
and are also great for a...

Saladmaster Recipe Summer Bean Salad by Cathy Vogt

Need a quick potluck or picnic dish that is delicious and easy to prepare for a crowd? Combine seasonal ingredients and pantry staples into a fresh and nutritious side dish. This recipe pairs well with meat, fish, and poultry or on its own as a vegan...