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Spanish Brown Rice

Saladmaster Recipe Spanish Brown Rice

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salad, slaw, brussels, sprouts, avocado, dressing,

A light and refreshing slaw that's perfect as a side salad during the warm summer months.

Vegan, pozole, soup, stew, mexican

Whether you're a committed vegan, or a meat-loving foodie this new twist on a traditional Mexican favorite will leave your mouth watering for more. (And, without expanding your waistline!) This delicious soup is not only hearty and...

lentil, quinoa, vegetable, stew,

Lentils are a powerhouse of fiber, high in protein and low in cost. Besides being easy to prepare, they cook quickly. This one pot stew has an additional source of protein from quinoa and is full of nutritious vegetables. Top with shaved or grated...

fruit salad, food processor, watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, salad, berries, orange

Fruit Salad will always be a favorite at any gathering. With the Saladmaster Food Processor, you can whip up a fruit salad for everyone to enjoy in minutes! Pick your favorite fruits and let the processor do the rest for you! 


Saladmaster Recipe Napa Cabbage Salad by Marni Wasserman

This salad makes a great addition to any meal.  It is light and crunchy.  Napa cabbage leaves are made of primarily water- in which case it is low in calories.  If edamame is added into the salad it will boost up the protein content in...

Saladmaster Recipe Lentil Soup, Lentil Recipes

A quick and easy lentil soup that will soon become one of your favorite lentil recipes!

Saladmaster Healthy Solutions 316 Ti Cookware: Steel Cut Oats

What a delicious beginning to the day this healthy, hearty breakfast makes! Steel cut oats are less processed than regular oats and have more fiber, protein and...

Saladmaster 316Ti Stainless Steel, Recipe, Velvity Black Bean Dip by Marni Wasserman

Roasting the garlic gives this dip a unique, warming and slightly sweet flavour. Creamed up with black beans, this dip makes the perfect appetizer before a meal....

Green Goddess Smoothie

This simple smoothie recipe combines dark, leafy collard greens with vitamin C rich fruits for a nutritionally powerful way to start your day.

Saladmaster Healthy Solutions 316 Ti Cookware: Beefless Tips N' Rice

This vegan recipe is rich and hearty - a delicious, meat-free substitute for beef that is also...